Year of the Pig Lucky Charms

year of the pig
Walking along Ongpin Street over at Chinatown, one can see street vendor selling all sorts of lucky charms for the [tag]Year of the Pig[/tag]. The Year of the Pig begins on Feb. 18, 2007 which also marks the [tag]Chinese Lunar New Year[/tag]. The lucky Charms are supposed to bring you Well-Being and Good Luck!

year of the pig
Stores sell Pig Jade Charm, Pig Jade Necklace, Pig Purple Jade, Pig Fengshui Charm, Pig Jade Pendant, Pig Cellular Phone Tassel, Pig Bracelet, Pig Agate Necklace, Crystal Pig and lots more.

lucky charms
May all go well in the Year of the Pig! A Chinese legend: You may turn ill luck Into good if you hang up Chinese zodiac symbols or feng shui jade charms in your car or room. That’s the reason Chinese hang a lucky charm in their car.