Wrap Your Presents in a Baggu

Now here’s a nifty Christmas gift idea I wish I had thought of earlier. Or rather, a Christmas wrapping idea I wish I had done. Either way, you can use a Baggu as a novel way to wrap a gift box or as the gift itself!

A Baggu is a series of simple but colorful shopping bags designed to reduce material waste and to minimize your carbon footprint on the earth. It is made out of ripstop nylon, which means that it is durable, can carry heavy items, and will last you a long time, unlike plastic bags. Baggus make excellent presents because the receiver can use them for clothes shopping, grocery shopping, even for travel as a beach bag or gym bag. And if you really want to be more eco-friendly this holiday season, consider using Baggus as gift wrap instead of paper wrapper.

The Baggu website shows how you can use a Baggu to wrap a small gift box.

1) Place the box in the middle of the Baggu and make sure it is centered in both directions.
2) Tie the handles in a double knot as tightly as possible.
3) Pull the fabric along the front and back of the box so that it is flat with no wrinkles.
4) Turn the box on its side. Fold the extra fabric under the side seam.
5) The fabric will form a triangle on the bottom edge.
6) Turn this triangle of fabric inside out, tucking fabric between the bottom of box and Baggu.
7) Add a ribbon and gift tag.

Baggu is available in the Philippines at Shop Spot and Pop Culture in Alabang Town Center. Merry Christmas and happy gift-giving!

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