Toblerone & Manila Proclaims October 20 as National Thank You Day

In a study conducted by Reader’s Digest, Metro Manila ranked among the least courteous cities in the world. An integral part of the test was to check whether the residents of a city constantly say “thank you”.

This prompted Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim together with Vice Mayor Isko Moreno to take initiatives in declaring October 20 as National Thank You Day by signing a city ordinance at the Manila City Hall. The legislation also makes the City of Manila the pioneering city to declare a “Thank You Day” in the country.

For a city that has been known for its warmth, it saddens these two government officials to hear that Metropolitans are showing less gratitude nowadays. They hope that through this action, the city can make great strides towards reviving the lost art of saying thank you.

Lim and Moreno recognize the fact that simple acts of kindness such as saying “thank you” can have a positive impact in the way people interact. This is supported by previous researches conducted by social psychologist that found a strong correlation between saying thank you and empathy, civility, and happiness. The studies further affirmed that in today’s fast paced, high-tech existence where there is often little time to impart the basics of politeness, saying a simple thank you goes a long way toward forging strong interpersonal relationships.

“Throughout Asia, we found that people were oblivious to the fact that their actions affected around them,” says Jim Plouffe, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest English Asian Magazine.

Lim added that expressing gratitude is still given a great value in the Filipino culture. According to Lim, the National Thank You Day aims to foster a habit of saying thank you among Filipinos and remind everyone of the people they might be forgetting to thank.

The National Thank You Day is a partnership between the city of Manila and Swiss chocolate brand, Toblerone. “Everyday, we are presented with situations that allow us to show common courtesy and appreciation for others. Toblerone has been a universal token of gratitude around the world and has been witness to these moments. We are happy to be Mayor Lim’s partner in his efforts to bring back the sense of gratitude in Manila,” says Jondy Syjuco, Marketing Manager of Toblerone.


Toblerone together with the city of Manila is trying to revive the lost art of saying “thank you” by organizing an innovative campaign specifically designed to encourage Filipinos to express gratitude more often. Through this partnership, a series of events and activities that will culminate in the October 20 Toblerone National Thank You Day to be held at the Mall of Asia. Attendees will be able to participate in a rocking concert by the country’s top bands and see their favorite celebrities. It will also serve as the venue wherein winners from the Toblerone thank-you themed contests launched nationwide can claim their prizes. In this endeavor, Toblerone, together with the city of Manila wishes to impart the message to Filipinos to not underestimate the power of the two simple words – THANK YOU.

To get a special prize from Toblerone and tickets to the National Thank you Day Concert on October 20, read this entry for the mechanics.

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