Tintin and Cole

I’m five-feet-nothing tall, and sometimes shopping for clothes that will give me the illusion of height can be a little difficult. The best tops for petite women are long, tunic styles that go beyond the waist and can be worn with shorts or as a mini-dress. The more leg you show, the taller you’ll appear – especially if you pair the long top/mini-dress with heels. Monochromatic, unbroken lines of color and v-necklines also flatter petite figures, especially when the fabric of the top is lightweight and fluid.

While surfing around today, I came across Tintin and Cole, a local online store that seems to know exactly what petite women need to look great. I love how the tops are designed and how they are cut to flatter small to medium builds. The prices aren’t so bad either – Php 650 – 750 for more formal tops and Php 450 for the informal ones. I wish they had an actual retail store though because you never know how good a piece of clothing will look on you unless you try it on yourself. But it seems like they’ve got lots of satisfied customers over at their client gallery. Check out what Tintin and Cole have to offer at their website!

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