The Hottest Bikinis on Multiply

Holy Week is two weeks away and like everyone else, I’m poking around my favorite stores in Multiply looking for a new bikini to wear for my Holy Week getaway. So far, here are my top picks:

This Bondage Bandeau from Shop Gliterrati is more BDSM-sexy than anything else, and while it looks like something I’d wear at a beach party or in the bedroom, I’m not sure all those straps will actually keep the bikini up in the water. P1780. Comes in black and gold.

Now this royal blue bandeau by Shop Gliteratti is more my style. I’m loving the diamond beaded center detail and the how the model was styled with a huge turquoise pendant and beaded headbands. P1450. Comes in pink and blue.

Brown is one of the sexiest colors on a bikini because it gives you the illusion that you’re naked – especially if you tan well. This brown halter bikini with flower print is P1,200 at Cocotini Bikinis. It’s also available in white. And I think their buy-one-take-one bikini promo is still ongoing!

I love the sexy twist Cocomo added to this one-piece swimsuit. From the front it looks like you’re all covered up, but turn around and you’ll be revealing your sexy back. P1500

Surf’s up in this red and blue bikini from Cocomo! Maybe I’m a little bit cliched like that, but I think the best bikinis are the ones that come in colorful tropical prints. P1350

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