The Hippie Flea Market

Perhaps it’s because I have high standards or different tastes, but I rarely ever go to bazaars. I don’t usually find anything there that jumps out or screams, “BUY ME.” And when I do, they’re usually priced so high that I feel a little guilty just thinking about buying it.

‘m thinking of checking out the Hippie Flea Market though, just because it seems to be a bazaar unlike any other. The idea behind it is to place a whole new spin on the hippie sensibility without making you spend so much. rs According to the event organizers, Irene Pineda and Pia Arellano, the Hippie Flea Market was inspired by flea markets in New York, LA, and Europe and aims to eliminate the hassle of online hunting and inconvenience of bargain-hunting. At the flea market, you can find eclectic pieces for girls who have character and non-traditional fashion senses. Shoppers will also discover new labels and designers and find bazaar favorites with a loyal following – all in a comfortably, air-conditioned space.

The Hippie Flea Market also supports a cause – the green movement. All merchants use environment-friendly packaging and the event supports under-privileged women in Quezon City by offering their handicraft products.

The first Hippie Flea Market will be held on June 14 and 15 at the A. Venue Event Hall on Makati Avenue. If all goes well, you can expect a Hippie Flea Market to happen every month! For more information, visit the Hippie Flea Market Multiply site.

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