The Clear Shoebox Project

In our house, we have a whole line of shoe cabinets lined up outside our rooms where we keep our shoes. While it does keep my stuff neat, I have too many shoes and the nicer ones end up getting squished and dirtied by the ones I use everyday. I keep my dressy shoes in their cardboard shoeboxes at the back of my closet, but retrieving them is always such a pain; I end up looking through three or four shoeboxes before finding the pair that I need.

I think I may have discovered a solution to my problem. I stumbled upon The Clear Shoebox Project, a Multiply store that sells shoeboxes with a dimension of 11.5 x 6.5 x 4 – perfect for ladies shoes! Not only do the clear shoeboxes allow you stock your shoes neatly in a tower; no more hunting through boxes and boxes to find the right pair, because you can see right where it’s placed!

Each shoebox costs 75 if you order less than 10; for bulk orders (10 or more), each shoebox costs 70 pesos. Check out the Clear Shoebox Project website for order information and creative ways on how to stack your shoeboxes!

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