The Canopy Bed

canopy bed
The bedroom provides a sanctuary after a hard’s day work. There is something soothing when one has a canopy on the bed. It feels like being protected in a cocoon. The canopy bed brings us back to a simpler time when bedrooms were a peaceful retreat from the outside world. I chose to have a canopy on my old antique bed to add a touch of beauty to the four poster bed. I was able to get an artistic bed designer who charged reasonable rates for everything including the pillows. The canopy bed certainly added softness , drama and beauty in my bedroom. A canopy bed may sound exotic and outlandish. Actually one can make a canopy using a simple swag of fabric or by executing an elaborate draped treatment. My husband agrees with me that the canopy bed helped add romance to our bedroom.

Contact me if you want to know who designed the canopy on my bed.

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