The Body Shop Eye Definer

body shop eye definer

I’m no makeup expert but I love eyeliners. It only takes me about a minute or two to apply them to my upper and lower lids and for something that takes so little effort, the results are amazing. I love the way my eyes just stand out, especially at night. I prefer liquid eyeliner to pencil liners because the heat and humidity of this country makes the liner on your lids smudge almost as soon as you put them on. But I fell in love with The Body Shop’s Eye Definer when I tried on a friend’s. I’ve used several pencil liners and hated how smudged it looked from the moment I applied them on my lids. But the Eye Definer draws a clean, subtle, defining line, especially underneath the eye–an area that’s always been a little tricky for me to draw on. The pencil is soft enough to make application easy and smooth, and apparently it also contains marula oil and vitamin E. But the best part is that it didn’t start fading til about four or five hours later. Yep, I was definitely in love.

The Body Shop Eye Definer costs Php 450 at the Body Shop store nearest you. Kinda pricey but trust me–it’s worth it.