Super Kalan- The Magic Stove

super kalan
Super Kalan has the unique advantage of efficiently utilizing any kind of locally available unexpensive fuel like newspaper, wood, charcoal, carton, sawdust, ricehusk, twigs etc. With the advent of high fuel costs, this is a great alternative. Based on their website

The Superkalan is a multi-fuel model stove made of aluminum alloy. It has a slender stand, a cylindrical body, a fuel-feeder with extension and cover, a fuel bed with an igniter pocket, a heat intensifier, a heat regulator, adjustable ring plates, tongs and chimney. When opened, the heat regulator insures wood and other fuels such as charcoal, paper, sawdust, coconut shells, and corn cobs burn properly. The stove needs initial igniters like kerosene mixed with sawdust, dry leaves and small pieces of wood. It normally requires three pieces of wood to cook anything.

The chimney acts as an exhaust valve that must always be attached to the unit when it’s in use. It must be cleaned with water every two weeks to remove carbon deposits and prevent smoke from coming out of the fuel feeder.