Summer Solstice Bazaar 2011

The end of summer brings little to look forward to. The rainy season is starting, which can only mean floods or terrible traffic, and the lazy days of summer are officially over for students and teachers. But for fashionistas and bargain-hunters, summer’s end is not so bad, because it brings about the Summer Solstice Bazaar on June 3-5 at the Megatent in Ortigas. Last year, Summer Solstice attracted over 5,000 shoppers to their two-day affair at the Rockwell Tent. This weekend, Summer Solstice offers over 150 booths filled with the latest fashions or delicious food, as well as P100,000 worth of prizes to be raffled off throughout the weekend. Don’t miss this exciting shopping affair! After all, it’s the only thing worth celebrating as summer comes to a close.

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