Ano Hanap Mo? TV commercial started only on February 11, 2006 and six years later, they are the Philippines #1 Classified Ads website. I cannot verify this for sure but since they are the first classified ads site, it is bound to be the number 1. They are now reaching out to untapped markets who have not been using

Co-Founder and Managing Director RJ David shares how he jumpstarted the business and established its place in the local e-commerce industry. “In just five short years, what started as an experimental venture into online classifieds with my wife Arianne has achieved unexpected success, and has now become an essential tool for a generation of Filipinos,” he says. “We remain committed to providing shareholders, both consumers and advertisers, with a convenient online platform that continues to innovate with the times and keep up with the demands of the steadily growing market.”

Campaigns cover billboard , radio and TV commercials. TV5′s talent Lourd De Veyra is the voice talent.

Watch this TV commercial

I am not a user of Sulit so I was lucky to sit beside RJ David where I got to ask him questions about my search problems with Sulit. I think their search optimization is so good that even expired ads still appear in the search engine results.

What else is there in Sulit?, however, isn’t just a typical buy and sell portal.With three easy steps namely Hanap, Usap, Deal, streamlines and expedites the entire purchase process.

The website features a user-friendly messaging system that lets members easily communicate with each other as well as a community forum, where aside from sharing tips on buying and selling, members can engage in discussions of topics that interest them.

With more than four million page views and 450,000 unique visitors daily, sellers are able to grow their business and enter new markets, while being guaranteed of a good exposure for their advertisements.
Members can enjoy free advertising and marketing services, with making them easily searchable in sites like Google and Yahoo, with each giving their products, services, business, and brand name instant web presence.

They have also introduced a paid virtual currency in the form of Sulit Gold, which is used to purchase additional features and services that will help sellers make the most out of their advertising strategies.

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