Shubizz Sneaker Boots

I’ve always wanted to own a pair of black sneaker boots. Sneaker boots are your basic Converse Chuck Taylors on acid – they’re boots that mimic the appearance of traditional sneakers and they go great with almost anything. I know because I already own a pair of black high-cut Chucks, which I wear with skirts, shorts, and mini-dresses. But I keep thinking about how the whole outfit would pop out more if my sneakers ended at my shins instead of my ankles.

YRYS sells sneaker boots, but they’re a little too glitzy for my tastes. Besides them, there’s only one other store in the Philippines that carries sneaker boots. Shubizz captures the gritty, scruffy look of Chuck Taylor sneakers perfectly and adds little embellishments like beads, patterns, and tall stiletto heels to make their shoes stand out. I first found out about Shubizz sneaker boots at SM Megamall but they didn’t have my size when I asked. The next time I came back the style I wanted was no longer in stock, and I never saw it there again. I happened to pass through SM Makati today by chance, just to see if there was anything interesting for me to buy. And what do you know – the sneaker boots I’ve been hunting for was there!

The price of the sneaker boots depends on how tall they are. I paid around Php 1,700 for mine, whereas sneaker boots that end about an inch below the knee go for about Php 2,100. I can’t wait to start wearing them out! My sneaker boots look a little too clean and too new for my tastes.


  1. aldrin says:

    ,ui sn kah nkbili nyan??
    ,i like to have those pair of shoes.
    ,kyah pls nman.
    ,sn muh nah bili yan.
    ,are u sure nbili muh lng yan.
    ,for only 1,700???
    ,ill be thankful if u answer.

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