Shopping at Multiply: Cocotini Bikinis

cocotini bikinis

Beach trips are gonna be coming up this month and I’ve been looking around for bikinis to add to my summer wardrobe. I noticed Cocotini Bikinis when I was looking through an issue of Cosmopolitan and I loved how they incorporate bright colors and bold patterns into their designs. The next thing I noticed was how affordable their bikinis were – the average price is between Php 1,500 – 2,000. It’s a really great deal, considering that there’s only a limited number of pieces made for each style.

You can get a Cocotini Bikini through their Multiply site ( or at their retail stores at Ruth & Esther at Archeology Wing, Power Plant Mall; Hush 2/F at Center Mall; Mall of Asia; and Nami Boutique at Boracay. I’ve never tried buying a bikini online and I think going to the store and buying it yourself is still a safer bet because you can try out different styles and cuts and see which ones flatter your body type best.

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