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Don’t you just hate it when you shop online and wait weeks for your package to arrive, only for customs to stamp on all these ridiculous taxes so you can claim the item? Luckily, there’s a way to go around this, thanks to Johnny Air Cargo. Johnny Air allows you to use their United States address when you go online shopping, then they will send the item to one of the Johnny Air locations in the Philippines. A few weeks ago, I tested the service by purchasing a DVD at The Johnny Air shipping process is surprisingly simple:

1) Shop at your favorite US online store as normal.

2) Have your package shipped to Johnny Air’s address in New York:

Analyn/Your name
Johnny Air Retail Corp
69-04 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside City
New York

You must indicate the Analyn in the shipping address.

3) Forward a copy of your shipping details (courier and tracking number) to [email protected] or [email protected] and specify which Johnny Air Philippines branch you’d like your package to be sent to. (The list of branches are in the Johnny Air website.)

4) Your package should reach the country in two or three days. Johnny Air will send you an e-mail when your package reaches the branch you indicated, along with the shipping cost.

5) When you pick up your package, make sure you bring a valid ID and the payment for the shipping.

johnny air package

The minimum fee for shipping is P889 for 2 pounds. I wish I bothered to ask about the minimum weight, because I feel kind of bad for paying so much for just one item.

For more information, visit the Johnny Air Cargo website at


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