Samsung Washing Machine at 37% Water Savings at 0% Interest

37% Water Savings at 0% Interest

That’s just a fantastic deal. Thing is I just bought a washing machine right after Ondoy damaged it. For those that will need a new washing machine, here is an offer which will need a credit card. Read on.


The Samsung Washing Machine WA85G5WFC/XTC and WA90G9FFC/XTC models is now up for 12 months installment at 0% interest! Powered by Samsung’s unique Eco Storm technology, it provides multi-dimensional agitation that offers visible cleaning and the same washing performance as conventional machines with 37% less water.

Its Diamond Drum minimizes textile damage during the wash cycle and ensures gentle fabric care. The wider safety glass also provides scratch-free protection and resists wear and tear.

Additionally, the washer’s Eco Tub Clean system with Magic Filter keeps the tub fresh and clean while preventing the growth of bio-film. A bio-film is an aggregate of microorganisms in which cells are stuck to each other and/or to a surface. It causes bad odors if users do not clean the washing machine tub.

With a one-touch and superior design, this washing machine is sure to match any lifestyle.

The Samsung WA85G5 (6.5kg capacity) washing machine is priced at PhP 12,995 SRP, while the Samsung WA90G9 (7.0kg capacity) washing machine is priced at PhP 13,495 SRP.

Available in all major appliance stores. Promo is valid for all major credit cards.

Disclosure: Press release posted without any compensation. I just like the content and want to share with my readers.

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