Rudy Project in the Philippines

christianno barbazzaAthletes are always looking for a competitive edge – a new supplement, training methodology, some have even tried self-hypnosis. But for Ironman 2007 winner Chris McCormack, five-time Tour de France title holder Miguel Indurain and World champion in rock and ice climbing Simon Wandeler the search was over when they found Rudy.

Rudy who?

Rudy Project founded by visionary and guru, Rudy Barbazza in Treviso, Italy is one of the last remaining independent sunglass companies in the world that manufactures technically cool eyewear and sports gear for elite athletes.

The Venetian brand’s dogged commitment to technological innovations in sunglass science like its 360° fully adjustable temple tips, thermoplastic nosepieces and photochromic lenses had more than ten thousand athletes like 1997 Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich trusting their game to Rudy.

Ullrich, who single-handedly lead a bicycle sports boom in Germany, was at the peak of his career when he suffered a knee injury that had him sit down two consecutive Tour de France races, leading to most of his sponsors canceling their contracts.

But not Rudy, who was the only one who stuck with the German champion. Equipped with Rudy Project’s ImpactX lenses, Ullrich dominated countless races because of its superior optical quality and innovative light management technology that ensures enhanced visual acuity. You could say Ullrich’s remarkable 2004 comeback had Rudy written all over it.

rudy projectThe same cutting edge lens technology can also be found in Rudy’s leisure line of sunglasses, for those who enjoy the action from the sidelines. ImpactX neutralizes ultraviolet radiation and maintains color integrity guaranteeing you wouldn’t miss even a second of thrilling sports action.

“I created Rudy Project to help define technological advances in eyewear and sports gear,” says Rudy Barbazza. “My friends and I are committed to providing the best quality products – bar none.”

Now after more than 20 years of creating technical glasses with attention to the smallest of details, subjecting it to the most meticulous quality control to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding users, Rudy Project has never lost sight of their original mission: Work hard. Play harder.

Rudy Project is the Official Eyewear of: the Tour de France, Australian Open, USA Triathlon, US Ski Team Pool, US Golf Teachers Federation, Canadian Cycling Association, American Association of Snowboard Instructors and the choice of over 80 organizations and thousands of athletes worldwide.