Rudy Project ImpactX

The “Pottery Barn Rule” says: You break it, you buy it. But at Rudy Project if you break an ImpactX lens, they would probably pay you to do it again.

rudy projectWhy? Because ImpactX is guaranteed unbreakable for life.

Originally developed by Simula Technologies for the U.S Military, ImpactX is a bulletproof, transparent and light-weight lens that passed all impact resistance standards.

Made from the same polyurethane optical polymers as in the cockpit doors installed on airplanes and Apache helicopter windshield panels, this cutting-edge lens technology is stronger than any other lens materials since the development of CR-39 and Polycarbonate 40 years ago.

Not only does ImpactX have higher thermal stability, having no optical or mechanical distortions even when exposed to temperatures in excess of 80°C, but also its semi-rigid molecular properties formulated exclusively for Rudy Project ensures lower internal stress, higher optical characteristics and mechanical stability for superior safety and unparalleled protection.

While its innovative light management technology that combines photochromic particles and advanced polarization removes annoying glare enhancing visual acuity for virtually any climatic condition.

Conceived for elite athletes, its mix of impact resistance and excellent optical properties gained the loyalty of more than ten thousand sportspersons world over in the most varied of disciplines including cycling, golf, sailing, skating, snowboard, triathlon, cross-country skiing, racing and canoeing in Rudy Project’s ImpactX – well, that and because the “Pottery Barn Rule” doesn’t apply.

Rudy Project is the Official Eyewear of: the Tour de France, Australian Open, USA Triathlon, US Ski Team Pool, US Golf Teachers Federation, Canadian Cycling Association, American Association of Snowboard Instructors and the choice of over 80 organizations and thousands of athletes worldwide.