Rudy Girl Sunglasses

Rudy Project is renowned across the globe for the superior build of their sunglasses, the latest of which is their unbreakable Project X line. But did you know that they also carry an entire eyewear line designed especially for the discriminating female athlete and fashionista? Thank god for small favors!

The Rudy Girl series currently has seven different products – Rydon Girl, SportMask, Ekynox SX Girl, Apache SX Girl, Kalyos Girl, with the SportMask SX and Suby coming out in 2008. They all come in cool, refreshing colors along with their trademark dichromic lenses, temple tips, and nose pads. The Rydon Girl, Kalyos girl, Ekynox SX Girl, and Apache SX Girl have adjustable temple tips so that the frame doesn’t get caught in your hair, and adjustable nosepads to keep your eyelashes from hitting the lens and to give you an overall comfortable fit. What’s also awesome about Rudy Girl is that every model comes in with an optical insert for those who need to wear prescription lenses. The frame is also designed in such a way that you can switch between the two different lens colors for Rudy Girl – bi-chromic blue and pink laser deg.

Unfortunately, Rudy Girl isn’t available in the Philippines; they tried selling it once here but it didn’t quite take off. Perhaps it’s because the name is too masculine or because the design of their eyewear doesn’t cater to the latest trends. I think that’s the best part about Rudy Girl eyewear though. If Rudy Project shades are designed to outlive me during the nuclear apocalypse, then it might as well have a classic look that won’t go out of style a decade from now.

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