Philippine Celebrities Speak their Mind through David & Goliath

david and goliath
Born in unassuming simplicity, the T-shirt has since been exalted to the heights of fashion. It has been cropped, ripped, dyed, printed or otherwise left to bask in plain perfection, but through it all, it has always been a medium for putting forth ideas.

In this spirit of fashionable candor and stylish wit, David & Goliath—the international cult brand known for transforming the crewneck into a wearable representation of ideas—has given Philippine personalities a chance to Speak their Mind.

Creating exclusively customized tees displayed at Archaeology, Power Plant Mall, David & Goliath recently unveiled a collection of iconic slogans created by some of the country’s most prominent celebrities, public figures and personalities. Each one has wit, intelligence and a point to make, expressing an exponentially more influential visual style which stays true to the brand’s trademark sense of humor.

david & Goliath

It was a rare glimpse into the psyche of celebrated local personalities including: Twisted author Jessica Zafra, whose acerbic wit shines with “Sometimes people are exactly as they seem: shallow and moronic.” Celebrity Lexi Schulze expresses her sassy sense of humor with the quote: “There’s no taming this shrew,” Philippine Senator Dick Gordon campaigns for nationalism by declaring, “What this country needs is not just a change of men but a change IN men.” Primetime host Patty Laurel mixes funny and quirky with, “Doncha wish your gerbil was hot like me?” Noted journalist Cheche Lazaro rallies for ethical journalism with “I support the fight against envelopmental and sensational journalism.” And distinguished vegan and yoga instructor Corey Wills, invites everyone to, “Eat Peace”

Regardless of individual taste and personality, Speak Your Mind from David & Goliath blends aesthetic style, pop culture and humor in a way that is undeniably witty, provocative and unique—carrying on the brand’s legacy of ironic comic genius. Find out what the country’s most prominent innovators, politicians, artists, musicians, film makers and public figures have to say at Archaeology, Power Plant Mall Rockwell from September 19 to 23.

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David & Goliath is now available at Bonifacio High Street, Power Plant Mall, TriNoma and Rustan’s Makati.

david &  goliath