Shopping at Multiply: Pop Junk Love

There’s no better way to celebrate the nostalgia of childhood than to wear it on your sleeve…or around your neck. Pop Junk Love is run by two sisters who love pop culture and vintage finds, and they’re bringing back an iconic part of our childhood in the form of fun accessories. Besides adorable plushies and throw pillows, they also have a whole line of Lego accessories (pendants mostly) for fashionistas who are really just kids at heart.

The Lego car pendants pictured above were actually assembled by the sisters themselves and have very limited numbers. They cost 180 pesos a pop.

Trippy Lego earrings in Brick Game shapes for only 120 pesos a pair.

Adorable little plastic Lego Men go for 180 pesos each. I love the detail on the shirt!

They also have one of a kind tops they fixed up themselves for the unbelievable price of 200 pesos. I think they’re all sold out now though. :(

Check out Pop Junk Love’s fun Lego accessories and other adorable items at their Multiply site.

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