Offbeat and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, you can forget about the usual flowers, boxes of chocolate, and jewelry. It’s not just because we’re experiencing a not-so-favorable economic situation right now; these days, people would rather receive sentimental gifts that would last a lifetime rather than token gifts that can be consumed or easily thrown away. And thanks to the accessibility of technology and software that allows us to mix and match digital media, it’s easy to create digital mementos on your own.

USB Drive

You can get a 4GB USB drive for as low as 600 or 700 pesos these days. While a USB drive might be too practical to be romantic, here’s how you can up the romance factor: fill it up with photos, poetry, digital mementos of you two, or songs that remind you of the good times you had together.

Homemade video

Nothing will elicit nostalgia more than a personalized video. And since all the software you need to make a video out of photos and clips has never been more accessible, you can pretty much do it all by yourself. Remember to mix different types of media – there’s no reason not to throw photos, video clips, and songs that mean something to both of you! And remember to make sure that the video tells a story, even if it’s something simple like how much you love him or her.


Who says anyone’s too old for the mixtape? Even if cassette tapes are no longer the medium of choice, you can easily make a personalized mix of mp3s and burn them into a CD. I suggest creating custom cover art to go with the CD. It doesn’t have to be something from scratch; you can create a simple collage out of your photos and carefully chosen typeface.

An Audio Book

You can also record yourself reading your lover’s favorite book or favorite poems, using either your computer’s built-in mic or a cheap USB mic. Import it on iTunes and convert it to an mp3, then burn into a CD or put it in a USB drive.

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  1. daphnie says:

    Travelling North and spending a great time with “LoveOne” or love ones … a perfect gift this Valentine!

    And if you haven’t experience Hundred Islands, double the fun and make your trip one unforgettable experience on Feb 28. Watch Kim Chiu Live in Concert! Then join the local Alaminians as they share laughters during VIP Ballroom Dancing (with Live Band) after the Concert.

    Pls pass the word to your Alaminian-friends that Kim Chiu will be in Alaminos City, Pangasinan for a post-Valentine Concert.

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