Next Base Portable DVD Player

Next Base DVD player

For Christmas, my mom thought she’d get my dad something that will entertain him during the long hours he’s stuck in traffic going to and from work – a tablet-style DVD player from Next Base (SDV37-SD) with a 7-inch screen. It comes with an arm/headrest mount and a mirror stand for easy in-car use, as well as a remote control, headphone output, audio/video input/output, FM-transmitter, and a high-power rechargeable battery pack (for 3 hours of DVD playtime). The DVD player even came with a free TV tuner, although it’s the kind that you attach to the unit itself; he couldn’t really get much of a signal from in there. I think you might have to install a TV antenna on the roof of the car if you want to get clear reception.

In any case, my dad’s enjoying his new toy and has been spending Christmas vacation lying in bed, watching The Sopranos. I hope his portable DVD player keeps him happy on the road – but not too happy that he forgets to watch where he’s going.