New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year!! Year 2000 seemed to fly by so quickly; I guess I can consider it the turning point of my life because so many things happened to me. Good things and bad things and things that happned which I regret so much. But from the bad things I learned real valuable lessons so I guess it hadn’t been such a waste after all. (I don’t feel like elaborating on those bad things and the things I regret, it’s kind of personal and you probably know what I mean anyway.)

My new year’s resolutions:

# I will be a more optimistic person.

# I will learn to control my emotions.

# I will try to go back to writing short stories.

# I will think before I act.

# I will be true to myself; I will not go with people I don’t like.

# I will write more often in my paper journal.

# I will spend my money wisely so I don’t always run out.

So far, that was all I can think of. Basically, all I want is to become a better person this year.

Tomorrow I will risk my life and go to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes. I hear that there have been several bomb threats in the mall, and several stampedes last Saturday when those bomb threats were announced. Lots of people got trampled on because other selfish people wanted to get away with their lives. That makes me so mad. If it’s your time to die, then you die. But actually, I really wouldn’t want my body to explode into a messy, red pulp. Call it vanity or whatever you want but as much as possible, I would like to be buried in one piece. Still, I wouldn’t step on people like that.

I hate it when people on ICQ ask me for my picture. It damn irritates me. I always thought that on the Internet, I wouldn’t be judged by others by the way I look but I guess that’s downright impossible now. There was this guy who kept asking for my pictures and I got so mad that I said, “What the hell do you want to see my picture for? I’m not drop dead gorgeous or anything like that.” The moron didn’t get the hint and continued to harass me about seeing my picture. I finally put him in ignore. I still don’t get it. Why are most guys on ICQ so intent over that picture thing? So they can jack off while looking at it? I mean, if I had known the guy for ages, I don’t mind giving him my pictures but the thing is, I just met him. And he is way older than I am. So what the hell does he want to know what I look like for? It’s not like he’s my soulmate or anything.

Idiot, idiot, idiot.

I had the weirdest dream this morning. I dreamt that I was having sex with a vampire in a jacuzzi. When I looked closely at the vampire, he looked like Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire. I wonder what it means.