Multiply Commerce: A Large and Hopefully More Organized Online Shopping Space

I must confess that I haven’t been enjoying online shopping lately. In fact, it’s been a constant source of frustration and disappointment. I can enumerate a whole list of the things I dislike – many Multiply shops are sloppily designed and difficult to navigate; the item you want is often unavailable because the seller couldn’t make time to take it down; the ordering system is complicated, and often requires you to comment before sending an order form; or they make payments very inconvenient by offering only bank deposits or Gcash instead of Paypal. And unless you shop on eBay or from a trusted merchant, you’re not really sure if the seller will be true to their word and deliver the goods. I can deal with the unavailable items and the messy websites, but the hassle of sending in your payment is what really bugs me. Online shopping is supposed to be convenient and fast, but since there’s no proper system for it, you’ll often find more efficient service at malls.

So I was really delighted when I learned that Multiply introduced Multiply Commerce. It’s not the same old social-networking-site-turned-online store we all once knew and loved before moving on to Facebok; it’s an actual ecommerce platform designed to help merchants organize and scale their business. According to the press release, these are the new features merchants and buyers can expect:

Payment System

In the Philippines, Multiply has partnered with Banco de Oro virtual card, BPI, Paypal and Globe Gcash to ensure fast and safer payment systems since buyers will be paying directly rather than individual shops. In effect, Merchants don’t need to open separate accounts to offer different payment options. They just need a BDO or BPI account where will transfer earning to begin selling.

Product Listings

The product listings feature allows sellers to categorize their merchandise instead of just using the photo album function to share their wares.

Stock Room

The Stock Room feature offers merchants a dashboard of product listings for more efficiently managing their business. This is where they can manage inventory, monitor orders and update product listings and track their cashflow.

Buyer Protection

To ensure safe and seamless transactions, Multiply Commerce offers a Buyer Protection program for sellers who opt to become Trusted Sellers. In this arrangement, Multiply will be able to help the shoppers and merchants resolve transactional issues in case of any disputes.

Shopping Cart

Interested buyers can easily buy several items from a single shop or several items from different shops in one go. This feature fastens the purchasing procedure because they need not contact each shop for individual for multiply orders.

Opening a Multiply Commerce shop is free, and Multiply will help existing sellers to migrate to the new platform. To open a free store, send an email to [email protected] You can currently browse and shop at Multiply commerce through

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  1. grace says:

    i’m supporting Multipy e-commerce, it was a big help for me as a seller. Multipy had site maintenance few days ago so they are down for 2 hrs i guess, imagining it’s already closed– i cant accept. majority of my clients came from Multipy so pls dont disappear on internet world :) thanks too! you got my support forever!!

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