Miele Laundry Care System

Miele is a German company that has been manufacturing innovate laundry care appliances for over a hundred years. (See a photograph of their very first washing machine below.) Miele’s washing machines are not for the ordinary consumer. Featuring high-end features like their honey-comb drum and sensor control, these washing machines are tailor-made for discerning fashionistas who spend thousands and thousands of pesos on a fine, delicate piece of clothing that can’t be handled by just any appliance.

To demonstrate the sophisticated features of their new washing machine, the W1714 and W4466, and the tumble dryer T7744, Miele requested fashion designer Rajo Laurel to create a red dress made out of delicate material. Modeled by Bianca Valerio, the red Miele dress was washed and dried in front of an audience using the new machines. Despite being made out of fragile cloth, the red dress came out perfect.

As if this wasn’t enough proof of how gentle Miele’s washing machines can be on your clothes, roses were placed inside and taken for a spin. The petals weren’t even so much as bent when they came out of the machine.

After washing, the roses are still intact

Honey Comb Drum

The honey comb drum is a new feature of Miele’s laundry care appliances. Its smooth, slightly sculptured surface has a reduced number of holes and smaller hole diameters, which provides a thin film of water for the laundry. The risk of laddering is reduced during spinning because of the small perforations. The hexagonal sections also ensure better traction. At the same time, the fabric gets cushioned by the small pockets of air trapped in the sculptured hexagons.

Miele’s laundry care systems are an ideal solution for the luxury fabrics and designer clothes in your closet that need great care and attention. You can even change the settings according to your laundry – the same washing machine that can handle tough denim will go gentle on your Chantilly lace! Watch the video to see how it all works:

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