Macbook Air is one thing I don’t need

macbook air side view

By now you’ve surely heard about the Macbook Air (MBA) and how its slim, sleek shape and weight is a big draw to those who are hankering for ultra-portable laptops. I’ve got to admit that it looks very sexy and that its design (iTray much?) must make it pretty comfortable to carry around. But just like a lot of MBA skeptics online, I’ll probably just admire this thing from afar because its $1999 price tag ($2849 if you want a 4GB RAM) is enough to keep me away. Perhaps it’s because I’m simply not a gadget person, nor am I the type who’d buy something just because it has the Apple logo on it. A laptop with the bare essentials is enough to make me happy, and by that I something along the lines of an Asus EEE (which I don’t own because I already have a secondhand MacBook). In any case, there’s nothing about the MBA that appeals to me, aside from its thinness, and I’d be an idiot to throw away two grand for something I don’t need at all.