Macbook Air Coming soon in the Philippines

Will I buy the Macbook Air once released in the Philippines?

I bought the entry level white macbook in June 1996 and I regretted that I bought it so soon. I had to change the plastic casing twice, battery, some parts in the motherboard (I forgot due to overheating) and even the hard disk. Despite the replacement, the white macbook worked pretty well after that. I felt like buying the stable version of the macbook which was not advisable because I heard that a new model was soon to be released in January 2008. I bought the black macbook (MB063) in November 2007 despite the warnings.

Now comes the world’s thinnest notebook, the Macbook Air two months after I bought the black macbook. Oh my, the Macbook Air is gorgeous. Should I get one?

macbook air

It was just announced at the Macworld 2008. (Enhancing Its Hits, Apple Adds Movie Rentals, Ultralight Laptop)

MacBook Air is 0.16″ to 0.76″. The thickest part of the MacBook Air is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony. It fits inside a envelope
Magnetic latch, 13.3″ widescreen display
display is LED backlit. iSight is built-in. MacBook-like keyboard, but with an ambient light sensor
Multi-touch trackpad
1.8″ Hard Drive – 80 GB hard disk standard, 64 GB SSD as an option. “they’re pricy, but they’re fast”
1.6 GHz Standard, 1.8 GHz Option — Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Memory standard
5 hours of Battery Life

PRICE is $1799 Pre-orders today, shipping in two weeks

more details here

I don’t think I will get the Macbook Air considering that I just bought this black macbook in November of 2007. I bet if available in the Philippines, it will cost over a 100,000 pesos. Yes, it’s expensive. However, one is paying for a ridiculously thin, portable, and environmentally-friendly laptop. It’s “Thinnovation” as the ads say. I might buy the Macbook Air after a year though.

Once the Macbook Air arrives in the Philippines, where does one buy it? Here are the dealers.


1. Power Mac Center-
2nd Level Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Tel. (632) 729-7087 or 88 Fax (632) 729-7128
Email: [email protected]

Where to find other Apple Mac Distributors in the Philippines:

Click this to view more Authorized Distributor / Dealer / Service Providers / AppleCenter in the Philippines or you can buy the lowest price from Longbeard

So watch out for their prices once Macbook Air arrives in the Philippines.