Lush Solid Perfume

Solid perfume is a concept I’ve never heard of and I think I might like this better than liquid perfume. I usually carry a tiny bottle of perfume with me and I’m always paranoid that it’d spill all over my purse because the glass broke or I forgot to screw the cap back on tightly (a bad habit of mine). What I like about solid perfume is that it’s really small and compact – no bigger than a jar of lip gloss. I don’t think a lot of cosmetic companies offer this but Lush carries a line of solid perfume versions of their popular soap scents. They are composed of entirely natural materials (cocoa butter, jojoba oil, canuba wax), are 100% preservative-free, and packaged in recycled aluminum.

Yesterday I grabbed a little jar of Lush solid perfume in Karma, their signature scent, and I think I’m going to use it everyday! It’s made up of patchouli and citrus, and I love that a little swipe onto my pulse points makes me feel completely rejuvenated and energized. The only other scent they have available in the Philippines is a mixture of toffee and honey called Honey I Washed the Kid (which you can also get in soap form). I’m really curious about Silk Underwear (jasmine and vertivert) and Fever (jasmine, rose, and sandalwood), both of which are available on the Lush website. If only there was some way you could smell things through the Internet!

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