Lucky Jade Pig Charms for the Year of the Fire Pig

pig charms
All the malls are now showcasing [tag]Year of the Pig[/tag] Charms. Tomorrow is [tag]Lunar Chinese New Year[/tag]. February 18th 2007 thru February 6th 2008 is the [tag]Year of the FIRE PIG[/tag]. I like this particular Jade Pig Charm as it’s a laughing pig on display at the Walter Mart Makati. The price tag for this lovely jade pig is $100.00

pig charm
This other Jade pig charm costs slightly less at $50.00 . Real Jade is expensive of course.

What is so great about the “pig”

Grandmaster Professor Lin-Yun Rinpoche teaches us that of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac, the pig is the most blessed. The horse draws a cart, the ox plows the fields, the goat provides milk, the rooster lets you know when morning has come, and the dog stands guard at night, but the pig is obligated to do nothing at all except sleep, eat and sleep some more. The pig is happy go lucky, easy going, and eager to avoid conflict.

Since the pig’s natural element is water, the year of the fire pig is when fire meets water. The elements of fire and water are at odds with each other and do not coexist in a peaceful manner. For those born in the year of the Pig, it is Tia Sway year. They will be in the hot seat. People born in the year of the Monkey are at odds with the year, and those born in the year of the Snake are in direct opposition to the year and should take special care.


We settled for a fake Jade Charm for only $5.00
jade charm
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