Jansport’s Graphic Remix Line

Jansport is practically a household name when it comes to backpacks and if you were a teenager in the late 90’s/early 2000s it’s easy to see why. Everyone in high school used a Jansport backpack to carry their stuff and being a teenager who wanted to be cool like everyone else, I hopped merrily into the Jansport bandwagon – which was actually a pretty smart move. Besides the fact that its classic design will never go out of fashion, I highly recommend this brand because of its durability. I’ve had my eggplant purple Jansport backpack for ten years now and despite having used it all throughout high school and half of college, it’s still as functional and good-looking as the day I bought it.

To celebrate 40 years of being an internationally-renowned cultural phenomenon, Jansport launched a new line of backpacks inspired by the biggest and trendiest counter-culture – the “indie” community. The Jansport Graphic Remix line features pop art and street art that will certainly appeal to every artistic “indie” kid who wants an avenue to be creative and express his/her individuality – without being just like everyone else, of course.

To showcase and celebrate what the “indie” subculture is capable of doing, the Music, Tats, and Flowers event at the Mag:net Cafe took the media on a trip down the road less travelled. The event featured performances by local indie artists such as Bagetsafonik, DJ Arbie Won, and DJ Supreme Fast. Street art crews like We Will Doodle created graffiti right on the spot, and audiences had a preview of animator Myx Escudero’s new film. Tattoo artists from Ricky Sta. Ana’s shop Skinworkz were also present to give free tattoos, but I didn’t see anyone take advantage of that.

The artwork on the Jansport van was designed by Abi Dayacap and Rommel Joson of Osomundo.

I wonder though…is a counter-culture still a counter-culture once it becomes mainstream or gets commodified to death?

You can grab a Jansport backpack at Bratpack branches in Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Cagayan de Oro, SM Davao, SM The bLock, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall, Ayala Cebu, and a branch that will soon open at Greenbelt 5.