Indo Board Brings Surfing Indoors

I’ve always wanted to learn surfing but my first hurdle is to have balance. What I didn’t know is one can actually learn “how to balance” inside one own’s home.

On those days when the surf is a little flat, here’s a useful piece of surfing-wisdom: your garage, living room, maybe even your bedroom floor, will do.

Sure, nothing beats the experience of the water on your fingertips as you graze the surface of a glassy wave, but the thrill of surfing is hardly lost on an Indo Board either.

More than being a surfing-simulator, the specially shaped oval board balanced on a long roller—simple as it looks—offers the kind of high-intensity surf experience that preps your body to handle the ever changing demands of the ocean.


Created by a fellow surfer, the Indo Board was developed by Hunter Joslin, whose 40-year expertise in the sport translated into a tool that was originally intended to help surfers train out of the water.

Take a look at this video:

“My interest in surfing gave me reason to explore beyond the conventional use of the balance board. Once I had the basic stance mastered (standing sideways with one foot on each end), I changed my approach to the device and started learning how to walk on the board from end to end,” shares Joslin. “The action of the board moving back and forth on the roller was a totally similar sensation to riding a surfboard. It was FUN and I could do it for hours at a time. As a result of this practice, I advanced much quicker than my friends in surfing abilities.”


It wasn’t long before Joslin discovered, from his growing cadre of loyal Indo Board fans, that it had a lot more to offer than the thrill of an indoor ride. Users reported increased leg strength, enhanced core fitness as well as flexibility and proved to be a perfect work out for a variety of sports where balance is key. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes to master basic control of the device and helps improve important elements such as endurance and core fitness for activities that require agility and innate balance coordination.

indo board

Locally, the Indo Board has been making waves in the boardsports industry, with avid enthusiasts such as Freddy Gonzalez taking note of the inherent fitness advantages it has to offer. As the President of one of the country’s premier boardsports retail stores, Aloha Boardsports Inc. and pioneer of the local surf tourism initiative, Onboard Phillippines, Gonzalez is passionate about the fitness and training possibilities that the device has to offer, for expert surfers and novices alike.

“Consider the amount of time you are up and riding a wave—the average ride lasts about 10 to 15 seconds,” he explains. “The Indo Board allows you to ride for minutes on end, utilizing the exact same muscles that are used when surfing. For learning surfers, it’s a great opportunity to learn at your own pace given that you’re not at the mercy of the weather, while it’s a great way to practice balance and coordination for those who already know how to surf. You don’t have to worry about the weather or the waves, still enjoy the thrill of surfing and everything you gain from practice will be useful when you go into water.”

While it may be no surprise that the board riding industry—from surfers to all-terrain boarders to kitesurfers—instantly took to the device, its rise in popularity has also paved the way for the tool to be used to build functional reflex strength for mainstream sports outside of the core market. Today, enthusiasts from other sports such as football, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and inline skating train on the Indo Board to provide the benefits that it uniquely focuses on.

One can even use the Indo Board for basketball training.

indo board

Or even Golf

Push ups are more challenging now
indo board


And evidently, with its winning combination of boardsports action and core fitness ideals, you can expect nothing less than the Indo Board crossing over from extreme sports and into the realm of daily fitness.

Aloha Boardsports Inc. is the exclusive distributor for leading action sports apparel and accessories. For product information and inquiries regarding the Indo Board, please call +63 (2) 899-7332 or visit Aloha Boardsports at Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Makati City, Philippines.

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