IKEA, furniture, kitchens, beds, chairs, sofas, decorations (Singapore)


I was amazed at the low prices offered at Ikea Singapore. Their products suit well for compact homes like condominiums. No wonder there are two branches in Singapore. My husband was very excited to shop for home improvement products. Since we are just tourists, we couldn’t really bring a lot. But, we were excited to bring some furnishings when my sister-in-law gets repatriated back to the Philippines. We got their latest 2008 catalog so we can browse through each item carefully and possibly order a few stuff.

Here are some goodies that are really low priced yet functional and practical:

Armchair at an insanely low price of Singapore $69 or US $ 48.00

armchair pello
Armchair Pello at a low price of of Singapore $69 or US $ 48.00
This design has been out for the past 10 years and it’s still being sold. Its comfort and sturdiness most likely makes it a best-seller.

Sidetable at Singapore $19.90 or US $13.72
I just love the simple design of the sidetable. Perfect for dens or living room areas

folding chair
Folding Chair for Singapore $19 or US 13.10
Folding chairs are space savers and useful when one has parties at home. Quite cheap too.

There are lot more bargain items in Ikea. One just needs to browse through Ikea Products Catalog to view all their products.