Sticky Things Wall Decals: Add Life to A Room

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Hanging a picture frame or using wallpaper used to be the only ways you could dress up a bare wall, but now wall decals are increasingly becoming the decor of choice. Aesthetically speaking, they’re not as clunky or rigid as a framed photo and provide far more visual interest than some nondescript painting. If the quality of the decal is good, they even give the illusion of a mural painted right onto the wall. They’re also easy to apply, and come in a number of designs and colors that you can mix and match according to your preference.

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It used to be that you could only find wall decals in Ikea catalogs and foreign design blogs, which is why I was so happy when I discovered that Handy Man now carries wall decals from Korea. And if you don’t have time to go to the nearest Handy Man or Home Depot, you can now get wall decals on Multiply. Sticky Things is a local company that provides ready-made wall decals that can be easily applied on any flat surface. And if you’re not satisfied with the ready-made designs they have on stock, Sticky Things accepts orders for custom designs.

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Sticky Things also gives easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply wall decals. Each decal comes with spacer dots to make it easier for you to remember the placement you want. Once you’ve finalized the placement, simply apply the decal using the applicator then remove the spacer dots.

I’ll definitely purchase something from Sticky Things when the time comes to decorate my condo. But for those who want to give their rooms a little pick-me-up, you can check out the rest of their designs at


  1. Bryn Jones says:

    The wall decal collection from Domestic (Pais) is sold f
    from the UK on this website (
    It’s very easy and cheap to completely change a wall
    and they can easily be taken down.
    I bought the Ich and Kar’Jungle Peas’ for myself and
    everybody comments on it.
    There are lots of decals for kids rooms too.

  2. Lei says:

    Would you know how I can reach stickythings? They don’t have their contact details on their site and they don’t seem to reply to my posts. I’m really interested to order from them. Thanks!

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