Havin’ A Baby is now HAB Maternity

having a baby

Believe it or not, that outfit above was designed for pregnant women.

Thank God for clothing retailers like Big & Small Company, who believes that you don’t have to be less fashionable just because you’re pregnant. Over the last several years, their maternity brand Havin’ A Baby has evolved to keep up with the fashion needs of today’s modern mothers. Today, Havin’ A Baby has been rebranded as HAB Maternity and More complete with fresh, classy, and trendy designs that will suit the tastes of all mothers.

having a baby store

There are no teddy bears and rattles in this maternity store! HAB Maternity & More resembles a chic boutique more than anything because of its upscale interiors and trendy offerings. Unlike most maternity stores, who provide clothes that cover the bump and that can only be worn during pregnancy, HAB Maternity & More’s pieces are carefully designed for moms to wear from early pregnancy, to full term pregnancy, and until after giving birth. Now these are maternity clothes with real mileage.

having a baby store 2

The “& More” part of the store is where HAB comes ahead of all maternity stores. Aside from stylish clothes, HAB Maternity also offers shoes, accessories, and bags to go along with the outfits. With these varied product offerings, moms can now embrace motherhood without losing their personal style.

H.A.B. stores can be found at Alabang Town Center, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Greenbelt 5.


  1. MHZ Quiros says:

    Does H.A.B. Maternity have a website? I’ve been looking for it hoping to browse online their products. I’m almost 8 months and was hoping to enjoy the convenience of online shopping…

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