Shopping at Divisoria

Guess who loves to shop at Divisoria ?

Me, of course and who else?

The former first lady, Imelda Marcos.
I took this photo sometime 2005 when I spotted her at 168 Mall

And perhaps you!


Well…if you want to shop in Divisoria for your Christmas shopping needs, now is the time before the streets get too crowded with Christmas shoppers. This is Juan Luna St. where I always pass on my way to my favorite shopping place, the 168 Mall. My husband normally just drops me by the Binondo side of Juan Luna and I just walk till I reach Sta. Elena st. Parking can be quite difficult if one is not early enough.


Tabora or Ilaya streets are my other stops if I want to buy ribbons, Christmas wrappers or materials for Christmas decorations. This is always my first stop before proceeding to 168 Mall. For food or baking ingredients, the New Divisoria Mall and Sto. Cristo streets is another stop-over. See I just shop every two years for some supplies so I just replenish them when I am out of stock.


When all the kitchen and craft needs are bought, I can now concentrate on 168 mall. I notice there is a multi-level parking beside 168 mall now. The mall has expanded more than twice it used to be when I first shopped there in 2005-2006 (I can’t remember now). This is where I buy some of my Christmas shopping gifts and wholesale clothes.

Not all of you are familiar with Divisoria so I took the liberty of placing a map here as a guide to your shopping needs.

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Source of map:

Though Divisoria may look disorganized, each street has its own specialization of goods. gives a very comprehensive list of places to shop:

Juan Luna: Juan Luna Shopping Plaza (between Sta. Elena and Binondo Church) – wholesale clothes, bags, handkerchiefs, bandanas, raincoats, socks, towels, office supplies, novelty items, slippers

Juan Luna (from Recto to Sta. Elena): trapal, linoleum flooring, foam, tissues, dried marine products, styro, fishermen supplies, bed foam, banig, umbrellas, tents

Commercio: plastic bags and containers

Sta. Elena: strawberries and other fruits, tissue rolls, fried street food, 168 Mall – Bldg 1, New Divisoria Mall, New Divisoria Center (party supplies, toys, decorations and giveaways).

Tabora: souvenirs for weddings, debuts, halloween costumes, kitchenware, pillow cases, doormats, refrigerator towels, aprons, curtains, table runners, shorts and dusters, parts of fancy fashion accessories like beads, laces, rhinestones and crystals.

De Santos: vegetables, kitchen wares, plastic and glass containers, plates, cups, saucers, drinking glasses, ingredients for flavored beverages, atomizers, cream canisters (for repacking ointments and beauty products), nuts candied fruits, dried fish, Divisoria Mall

Planas: special fruits like fuji apples, ponkan seedless grapes, pears, grapefruits, 859 Fashion Accessories: rubber bands, hair clips, pony tails, belt bags, cellphone holders

Santo Cristo (left-side of Recto): school & office supplies, crackers, macaroni, sweet corn, gift wrappers, fancy jewelry, bracelets, bakery products.

Santo Cristo (right-side of Recto): vegetables

Asuncion: fruits

Chavez: hair accessories, wallets, stuffed toys, pillows, synthetic foam, anahaw fans, small baskets for give aways, laces, hats

C.M. Recto: school bags, slippers, clothes, toys, belts, plastic ware, party giveaways, bags, pillows, blankets, Tutuban Center, Yangco Bldg. (along Recto between Tabora & Ylaya Sts.) you’ll find all kinds of textiles, gowns, kimona and other clothes.

Bilbao and Padre Faura: Wholesale prices: red and white onions, bell peppers, young corn, cabbage, garlic, potatoes

Ylaya (left-side of Recto): fish, chicken, pork, eggs, string beans, eggplants, etc.

Ylaya (right-side of Recto): shirts, underwear, clothes for children, school uniforms

Soler: bed foam, textile wholesaler, linoleum, banig, trapal, umbrellas, tents

Dagupan to Malong: rice wholesalers

El Cano: bakery products, spices, beans, sago, gulaman, plastic bags, styrofoam cups and food package

The Divisoria Malls

1.New Divisoria Mall
2. 168 Mall
3. Tutuban Shopping Center
4. Tutuban Midnight Market (open 9pm to 12am)
5. Juan Luna Plaza Shopping Mall
6. Meisic Mall
7. New Divisoria Center – party supplies, toys, decorations and giveaways
8. Yangco Bldg. (along Recto between Tabora & Ylaya Sts.) – all kinds of textiles, gowns, kimona and other clothes.
9. 859 Fashion Accessories (Planas) – rubber bands, hair clips, pony tails, belt bags, cellphone holders

Don’t forget to bring extra shopping bags and a companion to help you carry your bags. Enjoy shopping!


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