Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Think twice before going to the department store and getting Dad a tie this year! The perfect Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be expensive nor practical for it to be fun and meaningful. Here are some creative and simple ways you can show Dad how much you appreciate and love him on his special holiday.

Photo gifts

You probably have a lot of family pictures or pictures with your dad. Why not use them to create personalized photo gifts? You can have your favorite digital photos printed and made into a Photo Story Book at Digiprint for approximately Php 7,000. If that’s a little beyond your budget, Digiprint can also place your digital photos into coffee mugs, mousepads, and other useful items that your Dad will see everyday.

Relaxation gifts

Your dad, like anybody who works hard, probably gets stressed out by the routine and demands of the daily grind. For Father’s Day, give him a relaxing treat like a massage at Bluewater Day Spa. If he doesn’t like massages, you can try giving him a hammock for your porch or the back yard – a great place for your dad to cuddle with your mom and relax after a long day at work.

Speaking of your mom, maybe your dad needs a reminder that he’s never too old for romance in his life. Consider giving your parents a relaxing trip to Boracay or their favorite out-of-town getaway for the Father’s Day weekend so they can enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about the kids.

Experimental gifts

Why not give your Dad a chance to explore a new hobby or to enjoy a unique experience? If you’ve noticed that he’s inclined to the visual arts, you might want to get him a digital SLR camera. Other experimental gifts you can get him are an outdoor grill, a poker set, a bike, or a fishing set.

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