Experience digital shopping at Ayala Malls 360°

Ayala Malls are not exactly user friendly. Most often, I get “lost inside the mall” that I often have to go to the information counter to ask for a particular exit. Trinoma Malls are particularly tricky. I can never seem to find my way out. Even with a paper map, I still get lost.

Well…well..Perhaps Ayala Malls has the answer to my dilemma . They have now gone online and mobile. They have launched its comprehensive digital program , Ayala Malls 360°.

So what is this new innovative digital campaign?

Ayala Malls 360° aims to inform, invite, and inspire new and loyal shoppers alike, by providing relevant information to customers whenever and wherever. The new digital platforms feature movie schedule, mall updates, event news, promos and deals at the touch of your finger tips. With Ayala Malls 360°, it is easier to get all of the malls’ most updated information through an iPhone app, a revamped website and digital directories inside the malls.

The Ayala Malls is also taking the shopping experience beyond the physical space through www.A-Deals.com, its very own online shopping destination that provides extraordinary discounts, exclusive offers and exciting freebies on shopping, dining and entertainment.

With the rise of social networks, the country’s premiere mall is also a social space! Everyone is sharing on Facebook and Twitter, so Ayala Malls makes it easy for its customers get the most updated information and share their experiences and finds. Like the Ayala Malls Facebook fan page or your favorite Ayala Mall’s fan page and keep abreast on the freshest news on events and promos.

As people become more mobile with the surge of smart phones and tablet devices, Ayala Malls has developed the Ayala Malls 360° iPhone Application so customers can make the most out of their malling experience. Putting the Ayala Malls most sought after information conveniently inside your pocket, the Ayala Malls 360° iPhone application lets you navigate throughout the malls with ease and keeps you updated on what is happening. The app also allows users to “check-in” at their favorite Ayala Mall. The Ayala Malls 360° app is already available for the iPhone and will eventually be available for other types of smart phones.

The Ayala Malls website, www.ayalamalls.com.ph, has been revamped to showcase an easy to navigate and seamless design, making the most sought after information easily accessible.  Get the most updated events, search for your favorite stores, stay tuned to lifestyle trends and find important mall information online. Digital directory kiosks will also be deployed in all the Ayala Malls to help shoppers navigate the mall, enhancing their shopping experience.

With Ayala Malls 360°, customers are informed, invited, and inspired with just one touch. Well who wouldn’t want a shopping experience that is just a click, slide, and tap away.

I will never get lost again ever inside an Ayala Mall.

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