Eco-Friendly Designer Bags by Oliver Tolentino and RIIR

Oliver Tolentino, the Filipino designer loved by Hollywood for his stunning couture gowns, joined social business enterprise RIIR for their brand new line of eco-friendly designer bags. Called, “MaKULAY”, wordplay for mother (ma) and color (kulay), the stunning collection of bags pays tribute to Filipino mothers with its vivid colors, warm tones, and intricate detail. The bags themselves are made of scrap fabric and are carefully woven by the women in the Payatas community. The project is part of RIIR’s campaign to promote female empowerment and an eco-ethical lifestyle.

The collection was unveiled by poised models wearing newspaper dresses designed by young designers like Camille Co, Kaye Morales, Noelle Llave, and Nino Angeles.

Learn more about RIIR’s latest designer collections and social statement by visiting their website,

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