Dresses on Multiply, Part 2

The best thing about shopping at Multiply is that you get clothes, bags, and accessories you can’t find at malls or bazaars. And I don’t just mean imported clothes. There are also a lot of local designers who choose to sell their creations online instead of putting up shop somewhere.

One of my recent discoveries is the work of Kaye Olfindo, who does custom party dresses, gowns, tops, bags, headpieces, even children’s clothes. Her sense of style is very metropolitan and feminine – some dresses are structured and have classic cuts and silhouettes, others have deconstructed detail that evoke a sex kitten vibe. Her Multiply site features pre-made designs that can be completely customized. And by completely, I mean that you can even choose the kind of fabric you want for the dress!

The prices aren’t listen on her site, but I’m guessing that each dress costs at least P1,000 – a price I wouldn’t mind paying for a well-designed dress that fits me perfectly.

Visit K-Styled to see more of Kaye Olfindo’s designs.

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