David & Goliath: The Perfect Tee Shirt

david and goliathCall it an extension of your thoughts, an expression of personal humor, a wearable representation of your wit—because for cult clothing brand David & Goliath, the medium is indeed the message.

There’s no need to speak. Whether you have gut-wrenchingly deep opinions about boys, or an affinity for sardonic, mildly scandalous jokes, your t-shirt can now be the broad, fashionable canvas that says it all.

The colorful line was started by Todd Goldman whose main intention was to make people laugh by combining his wry sense of humor with his propensity for doodling while studying Accountancy at the University of Florida. In 6-months and with no formal art training, Goldman was able to produce a 30-page catalog of tongue-in-cheek one-liners and graphics that marked the beginning of his own t-shirt company, David & Goliath.

david & GoliathHis clothing brand, which he named after his father and his dog, is a collection of conspicuously simple witticisms that is above and beyond the overtly obnoxious slogan tees that plague the market today. With that said, David & Goliath has gained serious attention for using the iconic crewneck as the medium to broadcast thoughts and opinions that would otherwise be deemed inappropriate should one attempt to say it out loud. It’s also responsible for creating the effortlessly stylish shirts that grace the shelves of exclusive boutiques in L.A. such as Kitson and department stores like Fred Segal.

In essence, quips from David & Goliath that run from sassy declarations like “I can tell your bag is fake” to attitudinal proclamations of “Anything you can do, I can do better,” gives the wearer a hip and trendy pulpit from which they can make their fashionable statements. The shirts are readily available through their official website and in over 3,500 retail outlets worldwide, which include a dozen stand-alone stores in the United States and Europe.

david and goliathWith the brand’s continued popularity and growing cult status abroad it’s no surprise that Terry S.A. –the same company who reinvented the flip-flop in the Philippines with the introduction of Havaianas— has decided to bring David & Goliath’s brand of cool into the country. The company has recently launched the Speak Your Mind series where they created exclusive, specially customized tees for the country’s most celebrated personalities, celebrities and public figures. Each t-shirt, custom made by David & Golaith, bears the wearers personal quip or witticism that carries on the brand’s trademark snark and sense of humor. The collection will be displayed from September 19 to 23 at Archaeology at the the PowerPlant Mall, Rockwell.

David & Goliath is now available at Bonifacio High Street, Power Plant Mall, TriNoma and Rustan’s Makati.

david and goliath
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