Country Halloween Decors from The Farm House Collection

Oh I love the Farm House Collection! My brother and I were on our way to the largest Amish community (population at 150 families) at Jamesport, Missouri when I got attracted to the colorful decors along the window display.

I found out that this was a farm family-owned business nestled in 9,000+ square foot store and literally filled with countryside-themed decor and other simple things the Amish might need.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into the shop is the fragrant aroma of vanilla-scented candles.

There are all sorts of decorative items in the store, but what I loved the most was their cute Halloween decors.

Just like the decor of the rural Missouri folk, the Halloween decor at the Farm House Collection have more to do with nature and the changing season than witches and ghosts.

I really wish I had more luggage space to bring some of these home with me!

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