Corporate Gift Shopping

corporate gifts

Giving gifts is one way you can strengthen business relationships with colleagues, coworkers, clients, and office personnel. Despite the goodwill involved in giving gifts, most of us find this a rather daunting task. What makes buying corporate gifts even more challenging is finding the right present that remains within the boundaries of professionalism. Here are a few simple tips that might make the task less complciated:

Consider your purpose.

Knowing the reason for giving your gift makes it easier to figure out what present to buy. Traditionally, a gold watch is given to a retiree. A personalized item also works well as a token of appreciation.

Look at the company’s policy.

Check the rules or ask the HR what the company’s policies are on gift-giving. Some companies have concrete rules about this; others have informal and unwritten policies. Other companies also opt to have the logo included in the present since it’s still part of business.

Do not go beyond the budget.

Make sure that your gift isn’t so expensive as to make its recipient uncomfortable. You don’t also want to look like you’re bribing someone, but that’s the message an expensive present might send.

Look up cultural differences.

A gift that’s considered decent and normal in your part of the world might be offensive to others. For instance, Arabs and Muslims consider it rude and downright offensive to be given knives, alcohol, or anything made out of pigs (pigskin leather goods, pig figurines). If you’re giving a corporate gift to a foreign client, read up on his or her cultural norms before deciding on a present.