Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

If there’s a little one in your life, whether your own or a friend’s, finding a gift for a baby is one of the most fun things to shop for. It certainly beats looking for corporate presents or a gift for relatives three times removed. Baby Christmas presents can range from things the baby can use or things the parents can use to raise the baby. Here are a couple of tips and gift ideas to guide you when shopping for a baby present.

The best toy to give babies are developmental toys because they serve a double purpose. Not only do they keep babies entertained and quiet; they also help the baby develop basic muscle coordination and skills. Babies between 9 to 12 months enjoy building and stacking, which makes a set of plastic building blocks a great present. When buying toys, make sure you check the label and see if they are age-appropriate. Very young babies shouldn’t be given toys with sharp edges or small removable parts, since the baby might accidentally swallow and choke on them.

A baby’s first Christmas is always a memorable event for the family, especially of the child is almost a year old. At this point in their development, the baby is old enough to be aware of his or her surroundings and be fascinated by Christmas lights, decorations, and opening presents. Since the parents will probably take many pictures of their child, a beautiful dress or a holiday-themed costume would be a really cute present to give. A Christmas photo album would also be appreciated by the parents and the baby when he or she grows up. They’ll definitely treasure a photo collection of the baby’s first Christmas many years from now.

Finally, books are presents with fruits that can last a lifetime. Stimulate the baby’s imagination with a collection of fairy tales, a set of Dr. Seuss classic stories, and other picture storybooks. You can also get ABC books to help instill the love of reading in the baby when he or she is old enough.

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