Christmas Eve

While I’m typing this, I’m nebulizing. That’s a machine that some people who have serious asthma attacks use. Before this, my e-mail pal, Alexandra called me on the phone. She’s from the Philippines but she’s now living in Malaysia. She travels a lot. We talked about ballet and stuff. She told me she was studying in British system. I find her lucky. I want to study in a British system but I know that would be kinda expensive. And there is NO WAY my parents would let me study in a British system.

Finally….the moment I’ve been waiting for. It’s already 8:00 and my mom and dad will soon pick my grandparents up. Then we will go to Midnight Mass and eat our Christmas dinner. And we get to open one present. Oh yeah, might as well sleep in the couch tonight so I can catch that Santa guy!

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