Christmas Day

This morning, I was surprised to see a big cage in our living room with two very cute bunnies in it! The bunnies came from Santa, no kidding. The bunnies are black and white. Mine is the black one since I find it my type. My sister named her Black Beauty. (For the curious, I didn’t catch Santa but my sister always wakes up early in the morning to see if he’s there.)

I opened some more presents from my mom, another gift from Santa (a watch) and gifts from the maids (they can be thoughtfull too). And we went to our grandparents for lunch and opened more presents.

My two boy cousins, Anthony and Christopher are supposed to be coming to our house today but I don’t know what happened to them. *sob sob*

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Christmas day

Darn. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and my annoying asthma attack is still here. I hope I don’t get confined to the hospital like last year. I wasn’t really confined, just almost. I hope I get well and I hope that I’ll get a lot of sleep because I’m usually sleepy-eyed during our Christmas dinner and I hate that because I know I will look stupid if someone tries to take a picture of me. And I sleep like one am every night and I wake up soooooo early, I’m bound to get crabby.

You know, I’m thinking of starting my own spy route, just like Harriet. But there is one big problem. There is just no action in our street. I mean, I could go around the village IF there is someone watching me (ugh!) and partly, I’m scared to be kidnapped. If I’m gonna spy, I’ll have to find a way on how to sneak out of the house unnoticed and then sneak back in.

I remember something that my sister told me. She said that if I go to midnight mass starting the Christmas season, my wish will come true. I’m not sure what my wish will be.

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