BPI Cards new products: my ePrepaid, eCredit card and DealMania.ph

There is something new that will excite online shoppers now that shopping frenzy is at its highest during the holidays.

First things first, I am one of the first-hand beta testers of BPI Cards new products that is quite innovative.

And the good news!

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is launching this November 8, a trail in the digital age by empowering Filipinos with a more and secure online shopping tool: BPI Express Cards. You should be the first to know from me about the pioneered invitations in the payments industry:

1. BPIcards.com The FIRST lifestyle cards site that understand the lifestyle of the person.

This interactive all-in-one site website that hosts up-to-date information on BPI cards features, promotions and other relevant information. One interesting feature that will interest first-time users of credit cards is the credit card profiler that BPIcards.com offers. It is a short quiz that guides and help determine the best credit card that fits a consumer. Take the test and see the credit cards that suits your needs and income level. Visit BPIcards.com

2. BPI Dealmania.ph – BPI as the first bank to launch a shopping site.

A special deal buying site featured at the BPI Cards home page that provide card holders with exclusive access to great online deals. It gives you peace of mind that you won’t be scammed by deal sites that don’t deliver.

3. BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard– the First ePrepaid card that empowers people to transact online via straight purchase.

Don’t you have friends who have problems buying online because they don’t have a credit card? Well, here is the answer. This reloadable prepaid card empowers anyone to finally buy what they want from the widest selection of MasterCard affiliated shopping stores here and abroad, and even online. What separates My ePrepaid MasterCard from other is its 100% approval, no maintaining balance and no surprising card bills. Maximum amount to load is 10,000 pesos as of this writing (November 8, 2011)

Loading is easy for those with BPI accounts (though not a requirement to get the ePrepaid mastercard). All one does is transfer funds through BPI electronic channels. Service fees may apply . For those without a BPI account, one can load using the BPI ATMs(with a deposit envelope) and BPI Cash acceptance machines (express deposit). You can also deposit over-the-counter through any BPI/ BPI Family Bank branch.

4. BPI Master eCredit Card- the First virtual credit card

The first ever virtual credit line exclusively designed for online shopping has a modern new look. This companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard enables everyone to shop securely on the internet as it uses different card number from one’s BPI Express Credit MasterCard, with its own sub-limit that can be adjusted, as needed.

You will soon be able to apply online starting November 15 at bpiexpressonline.com and bpicards.com or by visiting any GMMA BPI/BPI Family bank branch and Express banking center.

I will write more about my online shopping experience of these three BPI cards as I shop at DealMania.ph and other online shopping sites.

And watch out for a contest here where you may be a lucky winner of these new products from BPI Cards.


  1. Edgar Ilaga says:

    I’m not a big fan of credit cards, but the ePrepaid Mastercard looks pretty interesting. Any more details about signing up to it and how it works? I’m already a happy user of the Unionbank Visa Eon card but this looks like a very good way for people to make quick purchases on Paypal and Google Checkout if it’s compatible with those platforms.

  2. Shopping Finds says:

    The eprepaid card will start to be released on Nov 15. On Nov 8, we will know for sure when sign up starts. You will be able to apply online starting November 15 at bpiexpressonline.com and bpicards.com or by visiting any GMMA BPI/BPI Family bank branch and Express banking center.

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