Benetton Colori


A bottle of perfume that suits your personality need not be hard to find nor expensive. If you’re looking for a fresh scent that describes you, take a whiff of Benetton’s new Colori Collection. This collection unites fragrance with important important colors and the experiences, traits, or emotions they connote. Red suggests red berries, strength, passion, fire; yellow reminds of us summer, stars, energy and happiness; green is the color of hope, nature, calmness; whereas blue associates reminds us of oceans, freedom, and peace.

benetton giallo

Benetton Giallo (yellow) is inspired by the cheerful color of the sun which fills the world with light and life. Happy emotions and energy are represented by drops of water, red berries, anise, mint blossom, lotus and violet in velvety embrace of peach. Its base includes tonka, vanilla and musk wrapped with sensual aromas of blond wood.

benetton rosso

Benetton Rosso (red) represents the color of passion of love. These are described through mandarin, lemon, fruity notes of passionfruit, peony, Arabic jasmine, patchouli, styrax and vanilla.

benetton blu

Benetton Blu (blue) is a scent for men inspired by the infinity of the sky and ocean. The fragrance opens with lemon and lavender accords, then fades to the heart notes of basil, rosemary oil and clary sage. Base notes include white cedar, patchouli and cocoa.

benetton verde

Finally, there is Benetton Verde (green) for me, which describes the calming effect of nature. This fragrance is created with essences of grapefruit, cardamom and melon, beats of nutmeg, violet leaves and aromatic geranium, and a base of cedar, Guaiac and benzoin.

Each bottle of Benetton Colori is priced at P1,350 for 100ml. Get yours at the nearest Benetton store today!

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