Bargain Christmas Shopping at Dapitan

christmas shopping
[tag]Christmas Shopping[/tag] can be quite stressful especially when one is on a budget. Sure, there are flea markets or bazaars. But…I prefer gifts that brings a personal touch. Often, I bake Christmas goodies to give to friends and I just love to adorn these home-made goodies in attractive containers. The best place to shop for cheap and festive containers is at the Dapitan, a place of export overruns. For many years, Pinoy Shoppers trouped onto an obscure street in Manila that sold export overruns for mere fractions of their original prices. The place is simply called Dapitan. It is the ultimate place to buy unique décor, kitchen and home accents at really low affordable prices.

I was not mistaken. I found plates, candy platters and mugs to hold my cookies at very affordable prices.

Just take a look at a few of my purchases.

Small Christmas plates at 45 pesos a piece or $1.05 each
christmas plates

Medium Christmas plates at 60 pesos each or $1.40 each
christmas plates

Ceramic baskets at 60 pesos each or $1.40 each

Large cookie platter for 50 pesos or $1.16

A Santa Claus candy platter for 150 pesos or $3.50
santa claus platter

Small Christmas mugs at 3 pieces for 100 pesos or $2.32

and though not intended for gifts. I just had to buy this cute Gingerbread House for 230 pesos or $5.35
gingerbread house

and Christmas themed dinner plates at 3 pieces for 100 pesos or $2.32
christmas plates

One must know how to bargain or look around before buying these export overruns. One must look carefully if the item is terribly flawed. Expect a few items to be slightly flawed, though. Despite the minor flaws, Dapitan remains one of Metro Manila’s great bargain haunts to find unique gifts for the holidays. View more Photos of Dapitan Arcade.

How to go to Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade is located at Kanlaon corner Dapitan in Quezon City, Philippines. To get to Dapitan Arcade, take a jeep marked Mayon from Burger King along Quezon Avenue. The arcade is near the barangay hall, on the right side of the road.