Barbizon First Bra Weekend

Barbizon’s Timeless Firsts

What will you do if you find out you can go back in time?

In the Barbizon First Bra Weekend held on October 5 at the Robinsons Galleria Activity Center, top society and celebrity moms were unanimous in saying that they would want to recreate their monumental firsts. Yes, these hip moms went back to the time when they were still gangly young women giddily in love with their first crush.

The Barbizon First Bra Weekend was more than just a venue for extended reminiscing; it serves to strengthen the ties between mothers and daughters. “It’s hard for daughters to imagine their moms as being once as young as they are now; when in reality they also faced the same issues before,” says top psychologist Dr. Aurora Foronda. “It’s heartening that through the open forums in the Barbizon First Bra Weekend, we get to see mothers opening up and joking about their interesting first dates with their pre-teen daughters,” she adds.

Some celebrity mothers who joined in include Mariz Ricketts, Pia Magalona, Yayo Aguila, Jaime Rivera and Chiqui Brosas

Meanwhile, respected key opinion leader Rowie Matti from Sacred Heart Academy hailed the Barbizon’s First Bra Weekend for another reason. “Most people are not aware of how crucial the pre-teen years are. It’s very important because it’s the time when our children’s beliefs, ideas and way of thinking are molded in preparation for their becoming an adult,” she asserts. “And at a time when the influence of media, peers and society may not necessarily be positive, through this event, Barbizon ensures that tweeners will turn towards the best role models—their parents.”

The unveiling of a quilt which contains images that celebrate the interwoven bond between mothers and daughters will serve as the highlight of the event. Prom tiaras, broken heels, bra straps, neo prints, candy wrappers, pressed flowers, mother-daughter pictures and many other simple yet significant tokens are artfully combined in the unique quilt as shown during Barbizon’s First Bra Weekend as a touching pastiche of tween life.

barbizon bras
Aside from the unveiling of the memory quilt and the holding of the parenting forums, the Barbizon First Bra Weekend showcased a line of fashionable intimate wear made especially for young budding Filipinas aged 9 to 13 years old—Li’l Barbizon Girl. “Kids these days are so lucky because unlike us who had to be content with plain and boring sandos, they have products from Li’l Barbizon Girl which provide just the right amount of support. Not to mention that their designs are so fashionable too—just right for our daughters’ taste,” affirms Pia Magalona, a real life mother of eight. The meticulous craftsmanship and extensive design process of each Li’l Barbizon intimate wear is a reflection of its makers’ commitment to make the transition of young Filipinas to full-blown womanhood as painless as possible.

As the follow-up to the highly successful Milkshake Marathon, the First Bra Weekend once again affirms Barbizon’s commitment of embodying a two-fold support for Filipinas of all ages — first, by providing a line of quality intimate wear; and second by pioneering female-empowering initiatives.

(via press release from Geiser Maclang)